Our achievements are driven by our comprehensive understanding of consumer psychology, industry knowledge, and culture. This provides the basis for our research methodology and provides analytics that illuminates the definitive truth driving consumer behavior and motivation.

Consumer Psychology

We believe that the origin of all consumer behavior exists deep within their emotional construct. We not only offer methodologies that reveal consumer emotion, but provide analytical tools that decipher it into actionable customer opportunities.

Industry Knowledge

Not only do we have expertise in consumer research, but we also have expert knowledge of the industries themselves to which we provide our services. Our deep industry knowledge (past, present, and future) provides a more credible and logical framework to provide actionable research findings.


Proper research cannot be conducted in a vacuum, especially when looking for any meaningful and actionable insight. In addition to thoroughly understanding our clients’ industries, it is critical to understand cultural and societal trends, not only currently, but how they have evolved over time.