One of the unique strengths we possess is our ability to provide custom qualitative and quantitative research and consulting projects to a very diverse mix of brands. Every project we do is specifically tailored for the mindset and lifestyle of the target consumer. Even our signature products are customized to fit our clients’ needs and not the other way around.


Customer Understanding equals Brand Experience, this is the philosophy behind our flagship method to gather individual customer information longitudinally over an indefinite period of time. It captures multiple dimensions of a customer from basic demographics to complex attitudes and behavior which lead to detailed ‘living’ profiles for each individual customer. Clients can use this continuous stream of data to provide a highly personalized and relevant brand experience for each and every customer at any and all customer touch points.

Mobile Consumer Council

Our approach to a community of customers that are hand selected to participate in on-going and frequent dialogue with a brand. While most communities ultimately fail, primarily due to lack of participant engagement and participant ‘burn-out’, our methods thrive as a result of the unique experience we provide council members which keep them motivated and engaged. We also rotate the council with a new set of members on an annual basis to keep it fresh. But just as important the Mobile Consumer Council is designed to be just that, mobile, through a customized app that pushed all communication directly to the council member.

Behavioral Architecture

Despite becoming hugely popular among all consumer driven industries, few segmentation models achieve the user’s expectations. This is most commonly due to a lack of market representation, limited understanding of the specific marketplace by the segmentation firm, and the inability to transition the segmentation to an effective marketing strategy. The Iceology approach to segmentation development remedies these issues, which not only provides accuracy and relevancy, but also ensures that the segmentation model is fully implemented into the client’s organization.

Behavioral Tracking

Often used in conjunction with our Behavioral Architecture method of segmentation, Behavioral Tracking provides on-going monitoring of each and every customer. It gives the client the ability to, not only measure the success in attracting target customers, but also has the ability to recognize missed opportunities. Our methods go beyond a passive observation and create a data source for detailed analysis of consumer behavior, moving beyond the ‘actual’ and into the much needed ‘potential’.