We all know that consumers are a complex breed. They lead busy and hectic lifestyles, have increasingly limited attention spans and make many decisions based on subconscious reasoning. But most importantly, they vary greatly from a psychographic and behavioral standpoint. Given these dynamics, we have built the Iceology business model upon three vital elements: psychology, relevancy, and technology.


Going beyond traditional left and right-brained analysis, our unique and patented methods dig deep into the minds of consumers through customized quantitative and qualitative research. We avoid ineffective responses from consumers by understanding and addressing important, but lesser-researched, components like subconscious reasoning or unwillingness to admit that decisions were motivated by selfishness or superficial desires. Our clinical psychologists can peel back the complex layers of consumers and discover the true behavioral drivers.


We reject the cookie-cutter methodologies of our peers and create highly personalized qualitative and quantitative research experiences that are tailored specifically to the type of consumer we are engaging. We do this not only from a demographic standpoint, but a psychographic one as well. All of our research experiences are designed to be interesting and engaging as we recognize that consumers have both limited time and attention spans, prompting us to design every project to be highly engaging and effective.


We don’t utilize traditional, stagnant focus group facilities or paper-based surveys. We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to the development of convenient and relevant ways to connect with consumers through advanced technology, like mobile and tablet devices. Since consumers stay on the cutting edge, so do we. With our unique detailed customization and design approach, we are able to maintain the superior and unmatched response rates and data accuracy that set us apart in the industry. Our attention to detail keeps consumers engaged.

Ultimately, we don’t fit consumers or brands into a mold. Instead, we design programs around our client’s needs so that they can get the most relevant data possible. We can then assist them in developing a marketing or brand strategy that is most effective for their goals. Our passion for this business, combined with our expertise in consumer psychology, brand connection and analytics, always results in a successful project that fully exceeds the client’s expectations.