We don’t limit ourselves to researching any particular kind of consumer or market. We can explore and analyze all consumer types and categories. Since we are one of the few consumer exploration firms that truly understand the dynamics of the affluent and the rise in multicultural luxury, we lean towards a focus of the affluent market and the more relevant extensions of that market: eco-conscious and upwardly mobile youth-based consumers.

The Affluent

No one understands affluent consumers better than Iceology. Our unique insight results from many factors, including the simple fact that we live the lifestyle. We are based in the most affluent region of America and are immersed in this world daily. More importantly, we are connoisseurs of luxury ourselves; passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the brands, experiences, and the lifestyle it has to offer.

The Eco-conscious

The affluent are ultimately cultivating and driving the ‘green’ movement. Iceology has worked closely with a variety of luxury brands to better understand the importance of sustainability among their customer base to help identify and implement effective strategies to satisfy those customers. Our unrivaled methods have helped many luxury brands develop and instill an eco-conscious message and image.

Upwardly Mobile Youth

Generation “Y”, which is bigger and more important than the Baby Boom Generation, will gradually take control of the luxury market. Iceology has unique experience and expertise when it comes to the research methods that successfully reach this next generation of luxury customer. We are second to none when it comes to tapping into the mindset of today’s youth and understanding their complex emotions in order to determine how they will define luxury.